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6 Inexpensive Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Revamping a bathroom can easily become a budgetary nightmare. From the extensive renovation costs to the complexities of installing new fixtures, the expenses can quickly spiral out of control. However, worry not. There exist numerous simple and affordable DIY methods to upgrade your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Bathrooms can undergo impressive transformations with minor alterations that are both easy and budget-friendly. A myriad of elements in your bathroom can be effortlessly switched, from showerheads to fresh hardware, here are some low-cost, easy-to-execute upgrades that can elevate your bathroom’s ambience.

1. Update Your Shower Experience

A quick and pocket-friendly method to revamp your bathroom is by replacing the showerhead. Most showers accommodate easy fixture replacements, be they electric or thermostatic, offering an opportunity to stay aligned with the latest design trends.

Consider swapping your tired, limescale-ridden showerhead with new brushed brass or matte black fittings for a contemporary look. Elevate the experience further by opting for a luxurious waterfall showerhead or an ionic showerhead, transforming your daily shower into a spa-like indulgence.

2. Embrace Efficient Storage Solutions

A clutter-free, organised bathroom can work wonders in making the space feel brand new. Discard unused cosmetic products cluttering the area and introduce clever storage solutions to maintain a clean, spacious feel. Consider investing in a vanity cabinet complete with a mirror – a multifunctional, space-maximising solution ideal for small bathrooms.

3. Transform Your Hardware

Often overlooked, replacing door handles, cabinet pulls, towel rails, and toilet paper holders can significantly impact your bathroom’s design. Aim for a cohesive look by opting for matching hardware sets or ensuring they share a similar finish. Consider quirky, personality-driven hardware choices to leave your mark on the space.

4. Upgrade Your Taps

Swapping bathroom faucets is a relatively straightforward DIY task, offering various options to complement your desired bathroom style. This change can significantly enhance the overall look, especially if your current taps are showing signs of wear or limescale buildup.

5. Illuminate with LED Mirrors

For a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere, light-up mirrors and vanities can offer a Hollywood-style treatment to your space.

6. Add a Touch of Greenery

Houseplants can breathe life into your bathroom, providing a refreshing touch. Opt for humidity-loving plants like peace lilies or Boston ferns to create a green oasis, improving air quality and enhancing the ambience effortlessly.

Why Choose B&M Supplies for Your Bathroom Upgrade

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