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Special Needs & Institutional.

Our commitment towards excellence drives us to provide practical and safe solutions that satisfy everyone’s needs. B&M offers multiple high-spec collections, designed with care for hospitals, disabled persons, healthcare, childcares, and other.

Our Suppliers.

Product Lines.

Doc M

Bathrooms for persons with special needs.

Full bathroom sets that include WCs, sinks, taps, grab rails, safety equipment, and other items. The Doc M enables full compliance with health and safety regulations, and is the all-in-one solution for bathrooms that cater to persons with special needs.

Special Needs toilet in Malta

For Childcares.

Bathrooms designed to meet health & safety requirements for childcares.

A variety of collections, produced by Geberit and Twyford. 

Utility Sinks

Industrial and commercial purpose sinks.

Deep-depth sinks designed to serve multiple commercial and industrial purposes.

Stainless Steel Products.

Commercial and industrial purpose stainless steel items.

Stainless steels hoppers and troughs which serve commercial and healthcare purposes. 

Kitchen Sinks

Sinks for commercial kitchens & restaurants.

Durable stainless steel kitchen sinks, ideal for restaurant and large-sized commercial kitchen use.

Drinking Fountians

Drinking fountains for schools and other public spaces.

A selection of floor-mounted and wall-hung drinking fountains.

Hoppers & Troughs

Industrial-purpose, stainless steel.

Stainless steels hoppers and troughs which serve commercial and healthcare purposes. 

Malta's best selection of bathrooms and utilities for persons with Special Needs & Institutions.

With a massive display of bathrooms and utilities across our first floor, B&M showcases over 8 product lines of bathrooms and other utilities for people with special needs and institutions. Presenting cutting edge technology and quality, our collections offer you incredible value for money and a timeless design when finishing your dream home or project. Visit our showroom to view our massive selection of Utilities for persons with specials needs and institutions or click the button below to send us an enquiry. 

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