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TylöHelo is a Nordic sauna company, specialising in creating traditional sauna, infrared and wellness experiences for a modern lifestyle. With 170 years of accumulated knowledge, the company continues to create top quality sauna products made to be a vital part of healthy living. The year 2019 marks a milestone for Tylö, with the brand turning 70 whilst Helo celebrates 100 years of well being. This year also crowns the merger of the two brands into TylöHelo – a manufacturer of high quality bespoke sauna rooms, sauna accessories, steam rooms and infrared technology.

Custom Orders

We supply tailor-made
TylöHelo saunas.

Supplying multiple residential and commercial projects, B&M have frequently handled customised sauna orders for clients. Our portfolio also includes some of Malta’s leading hotels and spas, such as Intercontinental, Solana, Pheonicia, and more.

Modern Sauna equipment

Product Lines.


A selection of standard and custom-made saunas.

A wide selection of high-quality saunas, built to serve a wide variety of needs.

Glass Sauna from Malta

Steam Rooms

A selection of standard and custom-made steam rooms.

100% constant humidity, gentle heat and comfortable interiors. That is our world of steam. And you can have it totally custom made or choose a fully functional ready-made solution.

Infrared Rooms.

A selection of modular infrared rooms.

TylöHelo infrared rooms can be equipped with low radiation IR panels throughout. In addition to fitment along the walls, benches and floor panels are available for a higher degree of heat penetration.

Modern home Sauna from B&M
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