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La Faenza

La Faenza emerged in the early 60’s as a new creative concept in the tile industry. The company’s creative director, Carlo Zauli, believed that tiles were a work of art; hence the high-degree of elegance in La Faenza tiles. His work is displayed across multiple international institutions, including the Victoria & Albert museum in London. 

All of La Faenza’s tiles are produced in Italy. They exhibit a flair for Italian style, combined with a high standard of quality – something indigenous to Italian-made tiles.

Featured Collection.

I Marmi.

The I Marmi collection is a tribute to classicalism, restyled through a seductive mixture of marble and onyx. Its marbled style exhibits a luxurious atmosphere, adorned by elegant chiaroscuro veining. Ever since its introduction to the Maltese market, I Marmi has been one of our most popular products in the tile category.

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