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8 Home Decor Trends For Your Bathroom That You Will Love In 2024

As we step into a new era, B&M Supplies invites you to explore the upcoming home decor trends that will redefine your bathroom experience in 2024. From taps to tiles, our showroom in Malta has everything you need to stay ahead in the realm of bathroom sophistication. Let’s delve into the top trends that will elevate your bathroom into a sanctuary of style.

Trend 1: Contemporary Tiles

In the dynamic world of design, where trends come and go, contemporary effect tiles stand out as a timeless choice for your living space. With a neutral tone that effortlessly complements any aesthetic, these tiles offer a versatile canvas for creating a sophisticated interior: elegance, design sanctuary, functional simplicity, and neutral harmony. B&M Supplies showcases a portfolio of over 14 contemporary tile collections, produced using world-leading technologies, which will bring the perfect finish to your dream bathroom.


Trend 2: Mirrors – Refined with Innovative Technology  

Step into the future of interior design as we unveil one of the hottest trends for 2024: the captivating fusion of materials and textures in mirror design. Mirrors are no longer just reflective surfaces; they are dynamic, tactile statements that elevate your space to new dimensions. Upgrade your bathroom aesthetic with B&M’s extensive range of mirrors designed to elevate and magnify your space. Our diverse collections cater to every taste, ensuring the perfect mirror for your unique bathroom design, including mirrors with built-in LEDs and speakers.

Trend 3: The Rise of Spa room

As the wellness trend continues, B&M Supplies encourages you to embrace a luxurious experience with smooth-textured marble tiling, layered scents, and integrated speakers for surround sound. Create cohesion with one finish throughout, premium hardware, and plush furnishings. For the ultimate indulgence, consider adding heat therapy, a steam shower, and smart lighting.

Trend 4: Aesthetics Mixed with High-Value Utility

Aesthetic appeal meets functionality in the bathrooms of 2024. Every design choice, from tiles to fixtures, is made with purpose, creating a seamless blend of beauty and practicality. It’s about curating an environment that not only looks good but enhances your daily routines. Indulge in the embodiment of luxury and functionality with B&M’s exquisite curation of Italian-made bathroom furniture. We bring you a collection that seamlessly blends style and perfection, introducing innovation into every corner of your bathroom.

Trend 5: Large-Format Tiles

Experience the elegance of large-format tiles in residential bathrooms. B&M Supplies recommends tiles exceeding 800 x 800 mm for a crisp, uniform finish. With fewer grout lines, your bathroom appears more spacious and modern. Embrace surface drenching in marble for a cohesive and luxurious aesthetic.

Trend 6: Concealed Showers

Transform your daily shower routine with concealed showers. B&M Supplies suggests moving away from traditional glass enclosures and creating a dedicated shower space with optimal lighting. Explore the convenience of a built-in shower nook, ensuring a clutter-free and enjoyable experience.

Trend 7: Fluted Detailing

Texture remains a focal point in 2024, and fluted detailing enters the bathroom scene. B&M Supplies recommends fluted wooden cabinetry for added depth and warmth. Wall-hung pieces and medicine cabinets embrace efficiency and space-saving solutions. Consider reeded glass shower doors or accessories for a touch of understated luxury.

Trend 8: Circular Design

Embrace affordability and sustainability with circular design in 2024. B&M Supplies encourages a mix-and-match approach, incorporating second-hand and vintage finds for a personalised touch. Think free-standing tubs, oversized mirrors, and double basins integrated into vintage dressers.

B&M Supplies welcomes you to reimagine your bathroom space with these upcoming trends. Visit our showroom in Malta to discover a world of premium home decor solutions that blend style, functionality, and sustainability. Let your bathroom reflect your unique taste and create a space that stands the test of time.

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