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Our Story.

Founded in 1956, B&M has grown to become a leader in the Maltese home finishing market.

Here's how we did it.

Established by the late Joseph ‘Teddy’ Mallia, B&M initially operated from a warehouse in Paola, primarily dealing in hardware supplies. A few years in, and B&M had branched into the bathrooms and tiles sector, accumulating a portfolio laden with world leading brand. Their philosophy was always geared around providing clientele with the best value for money. B&M effectively source brands that are renowned for quality, such as Grohe and Geberit. Brands like these enable people to enjoy the home of their dreams to the full, by providing them with beautiful and equally efficient items.

Now in its second generation, B&M is headed by three brothers: Martin, Damian, and Raymond. Each of the brothers has grown up in the family business, becoming highly experienced in this sector. They are also easily accessible to all clientele, as they wish to share their knowledge with any person looking to turn their dream home into a reality. Together, they have carried forward the B&M legacy, continuing to cement the B&M brand as a household name on the Maltese islands.

B&M are also proud to have been a part of many major projects on the Maltese Islands. Their commitment to quality, customer service, and lasting relationships has made the B&M brand second to none. 

tiles showroom in malta

In late 2018, we completed the renovation of our showroom, located in B'Kara.

Distributed across three different levels, our showroom was designed to deliver the ultimate customer experience. This was executed by dedicating each level to our different product groups – primarily tiles and bathrooms.

Our mentality.

Being a family run business with an easily accessible management team, our team is always ready to listen to customers and ensure wholesome satisfaction with the products and service. Anything from a small home improvement project to a massive corporate one, are treated with the same importance – for we aim to deliver consistent customer delight.

Our promise is short and sweet: to provide ALL our customers with the highest quality products and the highest quality service – at affordable prices.

The journey to move into one’s dream home begins at B&M.

What's next?

Introducing our online shop.

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Here are some of our best selling products.

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