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Solid Surface Baths & Basins

Showcasing solid surface baths and basins that promise to give the ultimate refined touch to your bathroom. The aesthetic sharpness and resin-based material durability of our solid surface bath tubs and basins collections have earned them their place as the pinnacle of bathroom luxury.  

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solid surface items.

A limited selection of items are now available from our online store, offering delivery services across all Malta.

Malta's best selection of solid baths and basins

With a massive display of bathrooms across our first floor, B&M showcases over 3 collections of solid baths and basins. Showcasing cutting edge technology and quality, our collections offer you incredible value for money and a timeless design when finishing your dream home. Visit our showroom to view our massive selection of solid baths and basins click the button below to send us an enquiry. 

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