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7 Expert Tips for Designing the Perfect Shower

Designing the ideal shower for your bathroom can be a rewarding yet challenging task. To assist you in creating a luxurious and efficient space, we present 7 valuable tips that will help you achieve the perfect shower experience.

1. Begin with Location and Size

First and foremost, decide on the location of your shower. While the most common spot is in a corner, you might also consider placing it at the center of the room or in a separate enclosed area like a water closet, depending on your layout and lifestyle preferences.

Bear in mind that relocating or adding plumbing can be costly, so if it’s not within your budget, try to keep your new shower in the same spot as the previous one.

When determining the size, think about the dimensions of the other elements in your bathroom. Popular widths are 81cm, 91cm, and 152cm with varying lengths. Most people prefer a shower that’s at least 91cm by 122cm. Shower ceiling heights typically range between 213cm and 305cm, depending on the available space and the design.

For an added touch of luxury, if your bathroom has enough space, consider incorporating a freestanding tub within your area. This wet-room concept creates a spa-like ambience and adds a striking visual statement.


2. Decide on a Step or Stepless Shower 

Choose whether your shower will have a step or be stepless. Showers with steps serve as a threshold between the shower floor and the bathroom floor, keeping the water contained. On the other hand, stepless showers feature a seamless transition between the two areas, providing a safer and wheelchair-accessible option. 

Stepless showers offer a minimalist and elegant aesthetic, particularly suitable for smaller rooms. However, achieving proper drainage in a stepless shower requires lowering the shower floor below the bathroom floor to create a slope towards the drain. This may be challenging in existing bathrooms without raising the entire flooring level.  


3. Consider a Shower-tub Combo 

If you want to save space and offer the flexibility of a quick shower or a relaxing bath, consider a shower-tub combo. This combination is also an attractive feature for potential home buyers if you lack a bathtub elsewhere in your home. 

Elevate the visual appeal of your combo by incorporating high-end fixtures and materials, such as wall tiles or stylish materials for the tub’s front. 


4. Include Seating 

For added functionality and comfort, think about adding a bench. A shower bench provides a convenient spot for shaving legs, offers support for those with balance or strength difficulties, and serves as a surface to place products. Additionally, it allows you to take a moment to enjoy the soothing flow of hot water. 

Consider using a slab finish for the top of the bench, usually a large format tile, for a polished look. Coordinating the bench’s slab top with your vanity countertop ensures design continuity. Only use large format tiles for vanity tops to avoid grout joints. 


5. Incorporate a Niche 

Enhance the functionality and organisation of your shower by adding a niche to store shower products. Carefully consider the placement, orientation, and size of the niche, taking stock of your most-used products to ensure the right dimensions. 

The most common placement for a shower niche is at chest-to-eye level when standing, and you can use wall tiles as a guide to integrate it seamlessly. Customising the niche to fit between wall studs or modifying the studs to accommodate the niche may increase costs, so be mindful of your budget. 

Alternatively, a cost-effective solution is to opt for a shower ledge, which provides flexibility in terms of placement and size to suit your dimensions. 


6. Choose the Right Fixtures 

Selecting the right shower fixtures is crucial for an enjoyable experience. Consider the style, functionality, and finish of the fixtures to match your bathroom design. 

You have two options for shower heads: ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted. Wall-mounted shower heads are typically installed at approximately 203cm above the finished floor. Ceiling-mounted, or rain-style, shower heads are more expensive and require additional plumbing. Some people prefer rain-style shower heads for their soothing water flow, while others find them less effective for rinsing hair products. Having both options can be a desirable choice. 

An essential fixture is a handheld sprayer, ideal for rinsing legs, cleaning the enclosure, or washing pets. 

For added luxury, consider body jets, which can provide a crisscross water massage. When positioning your fixtures, an ideal location is at the entrance to the shower, opposite the shower head, to avoid getting a sudden blast of cold water when reaching in to turn on the water. Keep in mind that this arrangement may cost more due to additional labour and plumbing requirements. 


7. Choosing your accessories  

Though often overlooked, accessories like towel hooks, rings, and bars can significantly impact your bathroom’s functionality. Installing a hook or bar near the shower entrance, or even inside the shower, is highly convenient. 

When anchoring these fixtures, it’s safest to do so in the tile grout, but it’s also possible to secure them through tiles with the right drill bit and pressure to prevent cracking. 

The drain is another design accessory to consider. You can choose between a standard drain cover and a linear one, with the latter offering a more visually striking appearance, especially in a stepless shower. 


Elevate Your Bathroom with B&M Supplies – Your Premier Choice 

Discover the perfect shower design that fulfils both your functional needs and aesthetic desires with these 7 expert tips. Create a luxurious and inviting bathroom space that complements your style and lifestyle. 

At B&M Supplies, we offer an extensive range of top-quality bathroom products, making us your one-stop shop for all your fixture needs. From tiles to plumbing accessories, and larger fixtures like showers and bathtubs, we have it all. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, you can trust our expertise to provide the best guidance tailored to your specific needs and personal style preferences. Your satisfaction is our priority as we strive to deliver excellence in every aspect of your bathroom project. 

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