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7 Essential Factors when Planning out your Bathroom

Luxury modern bathroom malta

Refresh your interior style and make your bathroom both trendy and practical. We’re here to show you how to maximise your bathroom’s potential by paying attention to these 7 key factors. 

1. Plan your bathroom's layout wisely

The first essential step in designing your dream bathroom is creating a floor plan. This will enable you to visualise where each component within your bathroom will be placed. Moreover, by grasping how much floor area is available in your bathroom, you can also determine which items you have enough space for (for example, whether to include a bathtub, or just a shower).  

At B&M, our experienced sales team take great care in helping you plan out the ideal bathroom layout, carefully planning out each element so as to maximise your space. 

Plan out your bathroom malta
Effective floor planning will help you maximise the functionality of your bathroom

2. Choose your overall bathroom style

You need to choose the overall tone you’d like to set in your bathroom. This means designing a modern bathroom, or a classic bathroom. Your choice should take both your preferences, as well as the general style of your home’s interior into consideration. 

Bathrooms with a classic look tend to be more ornate and detailed in terms of design, whilst modern bathrooms take on a minimalistic feel that creates a greater element of space. 

Click this link for some bathroom design inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. 

Modern and classic bathroom design ideas
Modern or classic? Choose your favourite style

3. Bath tub or shower?

When choosing between a bath and a shower, the first and most obvious factor to consider is the amount of floor area that you have available in your bathroom. Needless to say, although bath tubs add in an extra touch of luxury, they do consume a lot more floor space. Showers are definitely the better option for small-sized bathrooms.

That being said, showers can still be an excellent choice for larger bathrooms. Spacious walk-in showers have definitely become a prime choice in many villas across Malta and abroad, both due to their functionality as well as the feeling of open space they create. Our range of Samo showers even add in an extra touch of luxury, thanks to their StarClean™ technology – which ushers in an added sparkle to the glass enclosure of your shower. 

You must also consider additional features when deciding between a bathtub and a shower, such as: 

  • Cost factor: the starting price for bath rubs is typically higher than that of showers.
  • Energy Efficiency: the larger the size of your bathtub, the more water you need to fill it. With showers, water consumption depends on how long you take in the shower, as well as the shower mixer you’re using. We recommend checking out Grohe’s shower fittings, which consume up to 50% less water thanks to their EcoJoy™ technology.
  • Family members: showers tend to be more practical for elderly persons, whilst bathtubs are more practical for washing young children.
Baths and showers malta
Are you a bath person or a shower person?

4. Choose bathroom furniture that offers great storage space

Your bathroom furniture is essential in terms of both design and functionality. Opt for a multi-functional piece of bathroom furniture that will maximise storage space in your bathroom, giving you plenty of room to store items and reducing clutter in your bathroom. 

Our ranges of Italian furniture are incredibly beautiful and equally functional

5. Don't underestimate the importance of taps, both in terms of design and functionality

Many people make the mistake of assuming that taps are just a small piece to the puzzle. In reality, choosing the right taps are one. of the most important elements to consider when laying out the finishing touches for your dream bathroom. 

First of all, you have to decide what colour taps you would like to go for: 

  • Chrome taps are timeless and also very durable 
  • Black taps always make a bold statement. A black showerhead against marble tile is a match made in heaven. Black faucets remain a popular choice because it of their aesthetic appeal and versatility, with the ability to enhance the look of most bathroom décors, but care should be taken to avoid products with poor quality black finishes. Choose Grohe with a 5 year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Gold fittings are a good choice if you’re looking for a more extravagant vibe in your bathroom
  • Brass, nickel and rose gold are other very trendy options that are now available

Moreover, you should also consider the technological features that come with your mixers. In this regard, Grohe is the best brand to go for. We recommend checking out our previous blog, which breaks down the 5 huge technological advantages that Grohe has over competing brands. A key highlight is definitely Grohe’s EcoJoy™ technology, which reduces water consumption by up to 50%. 

Grohe's StarLight™ feature adds an extra coating to Chrome mixers, preventing scratches and increasing durability

6. Use mirrors to create a greater element of space in your bathroom

It’ no secret that mirrors are an excellent tool in increasing the feeling of space in a room. Long, rectangular mirrors create a greater sense of space, whilst adding in a sophisticated touch to your bathroom. 

Our collection of MCJ mirrors also bring in added functionality, with units offering LED backlighting. Some of our units even offer built-in speakers that function with bluetooth, ensuring you’ve always got your groove on when in the shower. 

Bathroom mirrors malta
Create an element of space thanks to your bathroom mirror

7. Flooring is key in determining the bathroom's overall look

Porcelain floor tiles are the best choice for a stylish bathroom. They offer a wide degree of choice and finishes, whilst ensuring hard-wearing durability for a timeless bathroom. 

Marble flooring has always been one of the prime choice for bathroom flooring. Its classy look adds a level of luxurious sophistication to any room. 

Modern trends have seen an increase in popularity for concrete and stone looking tiles, which usher in a more rustic feel to your space. Another trendy option is the use of wood-looking tiles, which add charm and warmth to your bathroom. 

We also have clients who choose a combination of flooring patterns, as well as the use of different finishes to create feature walls. One great example would be the combination of wood and marble, as displayed in the photo of Imola Ceramica tiles below. 

Luxury bathroom malta
The combination of wood-finish flooring with marble walls

If you’re currently looking to finish the bathroom of our dreams, we suggest paying a visit to our state-of-the-art showroom in Birkirkara. Here, you’ll find a huge range of preset bathroom cubicles to help inspire you, whilst our expert sales team will help guide you in choosing the right items to match your taste, lifestyle and budget. 

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