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The best tiles in Malta - guaranteed.

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Created using the latest double-firing technology, Imola Ceramica tiles are made for durability and timeless beauty

Lowest porosity rates

Imola Ceramica tiles offer a porosity rate that is 5 times better than the EU-recommended porosity rate - making them highly resistant to stains from liquids such as red wine and coffee.

Full-body gres porcelain

Crafted using cutting-edge technology, Imola Ceramica's full body gres porcelain tiles are the strongest material on the market, providing you with a virtually 'indestructible' tile.

Experts call them the world's 'best tiles'

It's no secret that tile layers across Malta and Gozo love working with Imola Ceramica tiles. Their solid surface makes them easy to lay, whilst greatly minimising breakages and waste.

Unbeatable Finishes

With over 140 years of experience in tile-making, Imola Ceramica have mastered the art of manufacturing world-class tiles. Place an Imola Ceramica tile side-by-side with any other tile on the market, and you'll know what we're talking about.

Tile laying with Imola Ceramica results in 10% less breakages during the tile laying process than alternative brands

High-class finishes to give you a high-class home

Marble Tiles

Concrete Tiles

Wood Tiles

Rock/Stone Tiles

Contemporary Tiles

Wall Tiles

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"Am super happy with a bathroom purchased from there...staff were very, very patient with me , making sure I get supplied with what I wanted...right up to the last detail."
Minka Gatt
"Very good value for money. Many top quality products under one roof. Amazing collection of tiles and sanitary ware. Excellent service! Keep it up"
Paul Scicluna
"Would like to give thanks to all the staff starting with Mr.J Galea(sales person), the persons who fixed the appointment for delivery and the delivery men who came on time and were very careful.... my dog was happy too for calling her sabiha 🙂 thanks."
Charmain Costa

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