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Revamp Your Home: 4 Tips for Choosing Floor Tiles

Choosing floor tiles for your home is not just about picking the style you like best. From a tile’s durability to the size of the room, there are various factors to consider but, with just a few tips and tricks, you’ll be able to pick floor tiles like a pro. To help you make an informed choice, we’ve put together a simple check-list to keep in mind when visiting our B&M showroom. So dive right in and let us inspire your ideal home!

1. Room Size

Not every room is blessed with a huge amount of space but the right floor tiles can easily create the illusion of openness! Picking large tiles in light, neutral shades – such as concrete tiles or contemporary tiles – can make a room seem more spacious.

Unlike colourful mosaics or tiles in busy designs, pale colours combined with long smooth lines can effortlessly open up a room and create the feeling of brightness and boundless space. To open up a space even more, opt for glossy floor tiles in plain designs. Whilst matt tiles absorb light, gleaming tiles reflect the light, making any room look larger and more spacious.

2. Create The Right Atmosphere

Being the canvas that defines a room, floor tiles can help you to create the atmosphere you desire for each distinct space. Different tile materials harbour their own individual characteristics and, depending on your choice, you will be able to generate a specific ambience, from posh elegance to rustic charm. 

  • Sleek and à la mode. Loved for their sleek and detached elegance, concrete tiles are particularly fashionable in contemporary homes. 
  • Cosy warmth. To instil a space with a feeling of warmth and homey comfort, pick classic wood tiles! This versatile material looks good in a variety of rooms and has the ability to look refined whilst maintaining a down-to-earth, rustic allure.
  • Natural elegance. If you’re looking to create an atmosphere of understated elegance, stone tiles are ideal for both outdoor and indoor spaces. Strong, durable and chic, natural stone tiles can bring a part of the freeing outdoors to your professional office space or complement the beauty of your alfresco spaces.
  • Refined luxury. Synonymous with opulent luxury, marble tiles look exquisite in every room but are particularly popular for creating lavish bathrooms or magnificent looking kitchens.

3. Floor Tiles For A Room’s Needs

The various materials available for tiles are not just crucial for creating the right atmosphere but also have practical attributes, some of which suit particular rooms more than others. 

For example, in bathrooms, water is routinely used for the purposes of personal hygiene, whilst in the kitchen, the sink is in constant use to rinse fresh produce and scrub dirty dishes clean. Therefore, it is both practical and convenient to choose tiles made from water-resistant materials such as ceramic and porcelain or opt for a naturally waterproof material such as marble tiles.

On the other hand, outdoor spaces are subject to all kinds of weather. Rain, shine, hail storms or high winds, your tile choice for your yard, patio or pool area need to be particularly durable in order to withstand the elements. In this case, stone or concrete tiles are both hardy enough choices that will still stylishly complement your home décor.

4. Pick the Right Tile Finish

Each tile finish boasts its own unique appeal, but whilst you might love to fill the house with glossy tiles, these might not be quite ideal for each and every room. Some finishes suit certain rooms more than others and here’s why:

  • Tiles with a glossy finish. Boasting an appealing reflective sheen, glossy tiles can brighten up any room and make it look larger and more spacious. Nevertheless, glossy tiles also tend to be more slippery than matte ones! Therefore, you should avoid using glossy tiles in bathrooms or kitchens, where water is bound to be spilled from time to time, in favour of more slip-resistant tiles.
  • Matte finish tiles. Apart from being slip-resistant, matte tiles are also non-reflective and are less likely to show stains or dirt. Perfect for busy, on-the-go homeowners, matte tiles need not be as frequently cleaned and require less maintenance.
  • Semi-polished or lappato finish. If you’re seeking the best of both worlds, pick tiles with a lappato finish. These semi-polished tiles are non-slip in nature but, when compared to matte finish tiles, boast a more striking reflective sheen.

Have a look at our tile collections here or get in touch to learn more.

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