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Flushing cistern GD 2

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Can be combined with any of the following Flush Plates:

To be combined with WC inlet & Outlet connecting set:

105.14 (Inc. VAT)

• 6 – 9 l adjustable
• adjustment ex factory 6 l and 3 l
• pneumatic discharge valve offering 3 modes of
operation: dual flush or start/stop or single flush
• water supply from left/right/back or top
• low noise (group I acc. to German Noise Specification)
• insulated against condensation
• ½” water supply connection including integrated
angle valve and push fit flexible hose union
• no tools required for the installation of the inspection
shaft incl. protection during construction phase
• for vertical or horizontal use
• flush pipe insulated against condensation
• fixing brackets
• without wall plate/actuation
• GROHE EcoJoy for less water and perfect flow
• for mounting of small flush plates please order
revision shaft 40 911 000 (sold separately)


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