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How to choose tiles for every room of the house

Great variety of tiles available for Maltese Homes at B&M Supplies

Choosing the right tiles for each room of the house can be quite challenging.  Different rooms have different functions and our tiles need to support that in the best way posisble.

As the largest showroom for tiles in Malta, we have helped thousands of satisfied customers find the best flooring solutions from our wide variety of quality tiles directly supplied from our Italian Suppliers – the experts in ceramics.

We’ve put together a complete guide to help you choose the right flooring solutions for every room of your dream home!

For your Bathroom

Light coloured Stone effect tiles availble in Malta
A rich combination of light coloured marble and stone to bring out the beauty of small bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of our favourite rooms. They give us a lot of space to play around with different colours, sizes and materials. Most bathrooms also have tiled walls, thus giving even more prominence to the tiles. With the right imagination and creativity you also have the opportunity to use them as the centre-piece for the entire room decor. 

Most bathrooms, especially en-suite bathrooms tend to be small in size. When dealing with small rooms, top designers wisely go for light colours and larger-sized tones like Marble. This genius trick helps make your room appear more spacious.

For many people, the bathroom is a place where they like to wind-down and wash away the troubles of the day. The right Tiles can help you usher in that spa-like feel to your bathroom. The beautiful feeling of Stone or Marble floors will bring out a uniquely natural and restful touch.

Our Italian porcelain tiles also offer multiple anti-slip options, ensuring your bathroom is both beautiful and safe. 

For your kitchen

Marble effect tiles for kitchens
The durability and modern elegance of Contemporary styled tiles for a practical kitchen

Porcelain tiles are the ideal-go to material for a high-traffic area such as the modern kitchen. Kitchens have become the heart of the modern household and thus, the tiles need to bring that out in the best way possible.

The kitchen is undoubtly the most place prone to getting stained or dirty. It is super important to go for flooring solutions that are easy-to-clean and that won’t stain.

You also need to consider the over-all synergy between the style of your floors and that of your cabinets and kitchen furniture. Drop by at our showroom and we’ll be more than glad to help you create a cohesive design that brings out the colours you desire.

For your living room

Living rooms need to offer a warm and welcoming ambience

The living room is the centre of entertainment where we greet guests and enjoy a great time together with our loved ones.

The main consideration we suggest keeping in mind when choosing tiles for your living rooms, is the atmosphere you would like to create. Colours play an essential role when it comes to crafting the ideal comfortable space. By going for soft and neutral tones while avoiding extreme contrasts you can truly transform your living room.

Our Wood tiles are an excellent choice and provide a chic flair to your living room. They marvelously combine the warm and welcoming atmosphere of wood – with the durability and functionality of porcelain. In Malta’s hot and humid climate, these type of floors work wonders to create a cosy atmosphere while keeping the room cool.

For your bedroom

tiles for bedrooms available in Malta
The tranquility of a bedroom guarantees the perfect space for rest and relaxation

Bedrooms are the one room in our homes we design with the sole intention to rest and relax. As such the tiles you choose need to contribute to that comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

The earthly tones of Stone and Wood styled floors have an intrinsic ability to create this calm atmosphere and also introduce a rustic touch. Lighter coloured tones also help maximise the natural lighting in a room – scientifically proven to be so beneficial to our health.

The harmony of a room can be further enhanced by ensuring a seamless finish. We suggest going for larger tiled stiles and an identical grout colour. This would positively contribute towards creating a serene environment.

Outdoor Tiles

Concrete effect porcelain tiles for outdoor spaces malta
Concrete tiles are an ideal outdoor tile for a unique modern appearance.

Outdoor spaces are fast becoming a luxury. An attractive looking patio, terrace or garden will incredibly elevate the quality of your home.

There is no limit to what tiles you can use indoors and outdoors. The main factors to consider are the structural characteristics of the tile itself.

You must keep in mind that outdoor floors are exposed to all the elements which nature has to offer. These can become terribly slippery when wet and can easily cause an accident. They are also more prone to accumulate dirt and dust, in contrast to indoor tiles. For these reasons, we need to strike a trade-off between a reliable gritty surface which helps enhance the floor’s grip and the cleaning that tile will require.

Our Concrete porcelain tiles collection offers an ideal balance as a safe surface which is practical and easy to maintain.

BONUS: Configure your space

Try out our suppliers’ virtual experience, crafted to help you plan out your dream tiles:

Simply upload a photo of your room, or use one of the ready-made template. You can then customise all tiles according to your preference, giving you a real feel on what your dream interior will really look like.

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