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Explore The Best of Imola Ceramica Collections

Are you looking for tiles that exude style and elegance? Have you been searching for an impeccable brand that offers a vast range of options and styles? Look no further than Imola Ceramica. At B&M, we pride ourselves for being the exclusive suppliers of Imola Ceramica in Malta, bringing luxury Italian products to Maltese homes. This world-renowned tile brand houses an incredible selection of over 70 tile collections, each offering options for different tastes and needs.

Whether you’re partial to a contemporary style, are in need of outdoor tiles for your back garden or love the sleek and seamless look of concrete tiles, Imola Ceramica has a wealth of collections to choose from. New to Imola ceramica? Fret not, this article explores the best of Imola Ceramica’s collections just in time for B&M’s incredible sale!

The Marble Collections

Give your interior a luxurious finish with Imola Ceramica’s marble tile collections. Since marble is a naturally waterproof material, marble tiles are a practical option for bathrooms and kitchens. Yet, the popularity of marble tiles has more to do with their stunning aesthetic and their ability to effortlessly infuse a space with opulent elegance. From classic marble tile designs to marble tiles with a contemporary twist, Imola Ceramica offers a range of options to suit all tastes.


This unique and sophisticated collection is designed to create high-quality and original spaces for the twentieth century. The latest options available in this collection include a range of colours including; quartzite Patagonia, onyx aqua blue gold, gris breche dumas, grey roots and onyx white absolute.


Named after the Latin word for “origin”, this collection is an homage to the natural environment. Yet, the ‘Genus’ collection does merely reconstruct slabs of marble and render them in tile form. Instead, this collection is inspired by marble material’s innate beauty to innovatively develop tiles that are simply unique.


An aesthetic fusion of stone and marble, the ‘Muse’ collection offers the best of both natural materials. Featuring two original finishes, the ‘patinated’ design and the ‘open grain’ decoration, this collection is a bold and contemporary take on traditional marble tiles.

The Rock and Stone Collections

Indulge in the natural beauty of rock and stone tiles. Due to their inherent durability and long-lasting composition, natural stone or rock tiles make for a tasteful choice for any home and are incredibly easy to maintain. Whether picking porcelain stone tiles from the ‘Blue Savoy’ collection, limestone inspired combinations from the ‘Brixtone’ or ‘Lime-Rock’ collections, or the versatile outdoor stone tiles available in the ‘Trail18’ collection, Imola Ceramica’s rock and stone tile options are particularly wide ranging. From different hues to a selection of tile sizes and finishes, the choices are virtually endless.


The blue-savoy is a stunning natural stone originating from the French Alps. Exclusively dedicated to the creation of blue-savoy tiles, this collection offers a variety of options ranging from light blue-grey shades to deep grey. All boast fire and scratch-resistant properties and make for a luxurious, yet durable, option for your home.


Crafted from a combination of quartzite and porphyry, this collection was inspired by a particular form of limestone found on the Appalachian Mountains in North America. ‘Brixstone’ embraces the rugged appeal of natural stone and offers a collection that is brimming with character.


A collection which straddles the line between natural inspiration and industrial technology, ‘Lime Rock’ features a range of tiles made from limestone. Appearing marginally different each time the stone is split, the beauty of limestone lies in its dynamic complexity and this collection perfectly showcases this stone’s multiple layers and features.


Stone and concrete meet in this innovative collection. ‘Stoncrete’ provides the best of both worlds with designs that expose the beauty and functional benefits of both materials. Rendered in a range of colours – including camargue, silver, grey and dark grey – this collection is a versatile pick for both residential and non-residential buildings.


‘The Rock’ collection explores the beauty of natural stone. Using cutting-edge technology and innovative designs, this collection offers aesthetic continuity between interiors and exteriors, to achieve a seamless look that is both elegant and polished.


‘Trail18’ is a collection which focuses exclusively on outdoor tiling solutions. Designed for pavements, driveways, courtyards, green areas and residential zones with vehicle access, this collection is designed to endure the harsh elements of the outdoors and infuse outdoor spaces with style.

The Concrete Collections

Stylish, sleek and practical, concrete tiles are a perfect fit for contemporary homes. The streamlined effect of concrete tiles is alluringly minimalistic, whilst the composition of this strong material is reassuringly durable, long-lasting and conveniently easy-to-clean. Imola Ceramica’s high-quality concrete tile collections offer a choice of shades, sizes and finishes that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


This Japanese-inspired collection features innovative tiles that are steeped in tradition. Offering large, expertly-crafted tiles in a range of greyish hues, this collection’s diverse range is defined by its “industrial precision and craftsman-like care, solidity and lightness, carefully researched functionality and aesthetic inspiration”.


A contemporary-styled collection dedicated to the reinterpretation of concrete, ‘Creative Concrete’ by Imola Ceramica puts a creative twist on traditional concrete tiles. Offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, this unique collection combines innovation with timeless allure, to create tiles that fit a range of contexts and tastes.


Experimentation is at the heart of the ‘Origini’ collection. Using acid-stained concrete, this collection produces a classic style of tiles that delights in contrasts; the modern plays off the rustic, whilst the depth of the material contrasts with the minimalistic approach of the design.

Contemporary Collections

Neutral tones and sleek minimalistic designs are “in” and here to stay. Imola Ceramica’s contemporary collections capture all the current interior design trends with a stylish flare. Whilst consistently moulded from solid and long-lasting materials, Imola Ceramica’s contemporary tile collections are offered in a variety of colours and formats, fresh and innovative designs, and even incorporate iconic elements from contemporary urban culture.


This multi-functional collection is designed to be versatile and minimalistic. Offering a range of colours, sizes and thickness, ‘Habitat’ tiles cater for all tastes and purposes whilst remaining forever elegant and fashionable.

Wall & Decor Collections

Whether renovating your bathroom or choosing the finishes for your kitchen, wall tiles can set the tone for your new space as well as protect the walls from water and humidity. Imola Ceramica offers premium wall tiles in a range of styles, designs, sizes, colours and materials. Each collection brings its own distinctive twist into the mix, in both design and approach, resulting in a range of choices for every need and preference.


Celebrating the limitless potential of inspiration and creativity, ‘Bubble’ is a unique collection with a distinctly modern and innovative style. Featuring daring prints, bright colours and striking designs, this bold collection was simply born to shine.


A chic collection with a contemporary tone, ‘Slash’ places dynamic colours at the heart of interior decor. With this collection, Imola Ceramica presents gorgeous double-fired tiles based on a study of enamels, and ‘sparkling’ and ‘still’ colours. Elegant but vibrant,’Slash’ is a study in balance and subtle beauty.


A new ceramic collection with a sophisticated and contemporary approach, ‘Stile’ exposes the beauty of refined colours and high-quality materials. It is crafted using an elegant set of materials, glazes and colour palette, resulting in double-fired products which have the power to add stylish charm to your home.


Inspired by the unique elements of the Mediterranean climate and culture, ‘Shades’ indulges in the sunny and aquatic hues which are so emblematic of this region. This collection re-imagines classic ceramic colours and glazes, and recreates them with a contemporary approach in order to provide a stunning choice of stylish tiles.

Since Imola Ceramica produces over 70 collections in all, it would have been impossible to mention them all in this article. Instead, we have focused on a select number of collections, each more stunning and innovative than the one before. To explore the rest of Imola Ceramica’s collections and immerse yourself in the luxurious world of gorgeous tiles visit the brand’s official site or browse the B&M site.

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