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8 Dynamic Wall Tiles That Will Enhance Your Bathroom

When renovating your bathroom, you’ll inevitably be met with a multitude of choices. Bath vs shower, colour scheme and of course, which wall tiles to pick! When choosing the right wall tiles to suit your brand-new bathroom, it is tempting to opt for a classic neutral shade in a simple design. Undeniably, understated wall tiles harbour a subtle elegance which will never go out of style. Yet, this doesn’t mean there is no place for bright colours in our luxurious bathrooms.

At B&M, we love the vibrancy of different hues and find that beautifully patterned wall tiles can easily add a luxurious flare to any bathroom. To inspire you to boldly step out of your comfort zone and curate the bathroom of your dreams, we’ve put together a few helpful tips and style ideas. So keep reading, and allow us to help you select breathtaking wall tiles that will fill your new bathroom with dynamism, energy and beautiful colour.

1. Go For Vibrant Monochrome Wall Tiles

Adding a feature wall is an easy way to add a touch of vibrancy to your bathroom decor! Pick wall tiles in an eye-catching shade and a minimalistic design, and let the power of colour take care of the rest.

2. Pick a Fun Pattern

For a more daring and whimsical look, don’t be afraid to choose wall tiles in a fun and colourful pattern. Ornamental tiles can infuse the room with character and give you the opportunity to create a unique design to show off.

3. Wallpaper Effect

For those partial to a more traditional style, these intricate wall tiles uncannily resemble classic wallpaper. This impressive collection by LaFaenza Ceramics produces the same regal effect as traditional wallpaper and has the ability to transform your bathroom into one fit for royalty. 

4. Opt For Colourful Elegance

Colour and elegance are not mutually exclusive. Pick wall tiles that feature an understated design in complementary shades to create a multi coloured feature wall that is both vibrant and chic.

5. Embrace a Mediterranean Style

Soothing orange, bright yellows and cool sea blues are amongst the stunning hues we associate with a Mediterranean climate. These particular floral tiles bring a sunny Mediterranean atmosphere to your luscious bathroom through their warm colour pallet and artistic design.

6. Indulge in Ocean Vibes

Large, fluid wall tiles in varying shades of blues and greens can easily transform your bathroom into an oceanic paradise. Soothing, freeing and vibrant, this look captures the essence of the cool ocean waves.

7. Add a Splash of Colour

If a feature wall is not to your taste, consider simply adding a splash of colour. Pair neutral tiles with more colourful options for an edgy and artistic design that is both dynamic and elegant. These particular tiles by Imola Ceramica have an oriental quality that is absolutely breathtaking.

8. Go All Out with Bold Graphic Tiles

Yes, tiles can also be an artistic form of expression! Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement and pick bathroom wall tiles that show off your unique personality. Whether you are of a rebellious nature or have a great sense of humour, graphics are a great way to make this space  truly your own.

With so many wall tiles on the market we understand picking the right tile according to your taste, style and uses can be daunting. Let us help make the decision easier, feel free to contact us to book an appointment or visit us at our showroom.

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