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6 amazing outdoor tiles collections you need to know about

outdoor tiles

Looking for the perfect tiles to turn your outdoor space into a hallmark of style and luxury? In that case, look no further than B&M Supplies. As the exclusive agents of Imola Ceramica, one of the best tile brands in the world, we house an unbeatable selection of over 70 different tile collections, including a wide range of outdoor tiles.

100% made in Italy, Imola Ceramica tiles include exceptional styles such as concrete, marble, wood, stone, and much more. So, we’re going to narrow it down to 6 outdoor tiles collections that will have you falling in love with your brand-new outdoor space.  

1. Azuma

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A new design philosophy inspired by Japan.

Inspired by Japan’s unique concept of space and residential design, the Azuma collection is the embodiment of a new design philosophy. Therefore, with the Azuma collection, Imola Ceramica offer a radically innovative solution based on the complex material character of concrete.  

Available in 8 different formats, 5 distinct colours, and 4 thickness sizes, the Azuma collection represents a harmonious synthesis of industrial precision and craftsman-like care, lightness and solidity, carefully researched functionality, and aesthetic inspiration. 

2. Blox

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A highly versatile collection, ranging from warm to cool-toned shades.

With 5 different formats, 3 thickness sizes, and 6 different colours, the Blox collection is highly versatile. Its precise colour palette is designed to guarantee a complete range in warm and cool shades, from beige to dark grey, and everything in between. 

Created by mixing ground sedimentary rock and clay with sand and water, these tiles are a hard and compact adhesive substance. By mixing such compounds, these tiles are extremely resistant to any wear factor and provide a clean-cut concrete-effect aesthetic.  

3. Stoncrete

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Bring out the natural shine of stone with the Stoncrete collection.

Next up is the Stoncrete collection, combining two of the latest tile trends, stone and concrete, to fashion a natural outdoor feel and meet different style requirements. Available in 4 size formats, 4 colours, and 4 thickness sizes, this collection’s vast range makes it a solution that can guarantee complete continuity between indoors and outdoors. All the while bringing the authentic shine of stone and rusticity to any space. 

4. Sicily

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A homage to Sicily's breath-taking character, history, and culture.

The Sicily collection is inspired by the sandstone found all over the island of Sicily. This sedimentary limestone is averagely porous and features a variety of different colours, ranging from white to pale yellow.  

This type of limestone has been widely used in world-renowned architectural towns such as Nato, Modica, and Siracusa. With this collection, Imola Ceramica pay homage to Sicily’s breath-taking character and years of layered history and cultures.  

5. X-rock

The perfect mix of natural inspiration and industrial technology.

The X-Rock collection was inspired by the dynamic force of diagonals, with ‘X’ underlining the innovative nature of the collection. Therefore, Imola Ceramica aim to satisfy all style requirements with these long-lasting and beautiful stone-effect tiles.

The X-rock collection will provide the perfect aesthetic for any outdoor area, with its mix of natural inspiration and industrial technology.  

6. Trail18

Premium-quality tiles, specifically designed for outdoor zones.

Designed for outdoor zones such as pavements, courtyards, driveways, and residential areas, the Trail18 collection has been specifically designed in a combination of small formats that offer both easy maintenance and different laying patterns. 

There you have it, 6 outdoor tiles collections that are guaranteed to create the perfect outdoor aesthetic. Click here to view all our Imola Ceramica collections or send us an email on 

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