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5 Ways Our Floor Tiles At B&M Can Enhance Your Home

At B&M we firmly believe that a beautiful space starts with the right choice of floor tiles. From the sleek and detached elegance of concrete to the warm and cosy feel of wooden tiles, each material carries its own defining characteristics. To be sure, tiles are the foundation of any interior or outdoor space and the style you pick will ultimately set the tone for your overall design. 

At our fully-stocked showroom, we offer a wide range of options designed by high-end luxury tile brands such as Imola Ceramica, La Faenza Ceramica and Leonardo Ceramica. Certainly, each brand offers different collections and varied styles to suit all tastes. Yet, whilst we all love having options, an abundance of choices can at times be confusing. 

To make things easier for you (and provide you with a few design ideas to boot!), we’ve put together a helpful guide of each style of tile we offer at B&M and advice on where these can be shown off at their best.

1.Concrete Tiles

Timeless, elegant and practical, concrete tiles are the ideal choice for the luxurious modern household. For years, the concrete look was shunned in favour of vibrant wall-paint and elaborate wallpaper but, with time, home owners have been increasingly drawn to the minimalist allure of concrete tiles. Endowing your home with a sleek and gorgeous look that is reassuringly durable, our concrete tiles will become the timeless canvas for each and every room, be it your kitchen or your garden.

2. Contemporary Tiles

To ensure an à la mode look, opt for contemporary tiles! Not to be confused with a modern style – namely the style popular between the early to mid-twentieth century – a contemporary style encapsulates all that is currently trending. Presently, neutral tones and sleek minimalistic designs have taken over the world of interior design. 
With the ability to elevate any room into a chic space, contemporary tiles will allow your home to effortlessly step into the lusciously fashionable world of today. Whether you’re partial to large-format tiling, tiles with artistic detailing or want a twist on the brick-effect, our varied contemporary tile collection features all the trending styles.

3. Marble Tiles

There is nothing like marble tiling to transform an interior space into an opulent oasis of luxurious respite. Timelessly elegant and stunningly lustrous, marble tiles are made of minimalistic natural stone that carries classic appeal. Apart from looking refined, marble also boasts a low-level of porosity that makes it inherently resistant to water damage. Being naturally waterproof and aesthetically stunning, marble tiles can easily transform any room into a tasteful space but are a particularly popular option for creating luxurious-looking bathrooms and elegant kitchens.

4. Stone Tiles

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, natural stone tiles are a hard and durable option that will never go out of style. These versatile tiles are available in a range of styles that can easily make any space look good, be it your back garden, your trendy apartment or new office space. Consider injecting the breezy cool of the outdoors into your interior, with a stone-effect wall in your living space or polished floor to ceiling tiles in your  stylish new boutique.

5. Wood Tiles

Wooden floors are synonymous with cosy warmth and homey spaces. Having been in style for many decades, wooden flooring remains a classic option with the ability to infuse any room with timeless elegance. Yet, unlike natural wood or hardwood flooring, wooden floor tiles are easy to maintain and long-lasting, whilst still offering that same classy and elegant look. 

We just can’t get over how elegant and cosy they can make any room look. Simply browse our collections for our full range of options and elevate your room with one elegant addition. Get in touch with us here, or browse our collections online.

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