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5 Types Of Bathroom Sinks: A Complete Guide

Some household features are indispensable. Every bedroom needs a bed, every living room needs a sofa and for sure, every bathroom must have a working sink. We use it each morning when cleansing our face and throughout the day as we wash our hands. Certainly, there is no doubting the practicality of having a sink but, functionality does not preclude the pleasure of picking a bathroom basin that suits your personal taste.

In fact, bathroom sinks are available in various shapes and sizes, from small wall-mounted basins to lavish thorough sinks made of marble. Each style can set the tone of your bathroom’s interior decor in different ways, as well as offer space and storage solutions. To help you discover the right option for your bathroom, we’ve put together a list of the different types of bathroom sinks available on the market. At B&M, we offer an extensive selection of sinks to choose from and, in this article, we’ve even selected our top picks for your convenience.

Types of Bathroom Sink Positions

1. Vessel Sinks

The monarchs of sink designs, vessel sinks can give your bathroom a stunning luxurious finish. These stylish basins sit alluringly on top of the counter, thus offering more storage space beneath the benchtop. Apart from maximising space, a vessel sink is positioned higher than other sinks, making it more convenient for you when cleansing your face or brushing your teeth. 

Our top picks

Vessel Sink by Bathco
Stone Vessel Sink by Bathco

2. Semi-Inset Sinks

Offering the same above-counter look as the vessel sink, semi-inset basins are great for keeping the height of the basin to a minimum. Striking the ideal balance between an under-mounted sink and an over-counter sink, a semi-inset sink can shroud a bathroom a modern and polished look.

Our top picks

Semi-inset Sink from the Spa collection by Grohe
Semi-inset Sink from the Spa collection by Grohe

3. Wall-Mounted Sinks

Wall-mounted sinks are the ideal solution for bathrooms with extremely limited space, such as spare toilets or snug ensuites. The basin stands alone with no floor contact, by means of wall fixtures, and has all of its plumbing fittings and pipe supplies visible on the outside. A functional solution for small bathrooms, wall-mounted sinks can effortlessly create the illusion of more space.

Our top picks

Geberit Smyle Square Washbasin
Wall-mounted Sink by Grohe

4. Semi-Pedestal Sinks

Similar to wall-mounted sinks, semi pedestal sinks are fixed to the wall but hide their plumbing fittings and pipe supplies behind a half pedestal which is typically made of porcelain. Aesthetically, this design provides a sleeker and neater look than wall-mounted sinks whilst providing pipes with an effective protective layer.

Our top picks

Geberit Selnova half-pedestal sink
Geberit Smyle Half Pedestal Sink

5. Drop-in Sinks

Drop-in sinks, or self-rimming sinks, are a highly popular choice for modern bathrooms. They are easy to install in existing vanities, without the need of any alterations, and look absolutely gorgeous in their simplicity. This classic design creates a seamless look which melds with the rest of the counter space, achieving a quiet elegance that is unique to this basin option.

Our top picks

Drop-in sink by Elementi
Swarovski drop-in sink by Bathco

6. Trough Sinks

Trough sinks provide the ultimate seamless look. In this classic sink style, the basin and countertop are made out of the same material to achieve a continuous look that is quite typical of the contemporary style. Perfect for basins with multiple faucets, trough sinks feature wide long basins, making them ideal for large, shared bathrooms or even public restrooms.

Trough Sink by Elementi
Trough Sink by Elementi

Types of Bathroom Sink Materials

After considering the best basin position for your bathroom, it is time to narrow down your choice of sink material. Bathroom sinks are offered in a range of materials, each of which offers its own unique set of perks.

1. Porcelain Sinks

If you’re looking for an affordable sink that is sturdy and functional, there is no better option than a porcelain sink. Aesthetically similar to ceramic, porcelain is more durable and naturally waterproof, whilst still affording a similar classic elegance as ceramic sinks.

Our top picks

2. Stone Sinks

When searching for a particularly strong and durable sink, pick a basin made of natural stone. Stone sinks blend really well in houses of character and help to soften your bathroom’s overall design through the use of a natural material that oozes opulence. From a practical standpoint, stone basins are also not susceptible to dents or rusting, ensuring longer durability.

Our top picks

3. Stainless-Steel Sinks

Highly-durable and hygienic, stainless steel sinks are highly practical options. Yet, apart from being easy to clean and maintain, these sinks are also recyclable, affordable and eco-friendly. Therefore, picking a stainless steel sink is not simply beneficial for you but also a sustainable and ethical choice.

Our top picks

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