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5 Tile Design Styles for Every Room in the House

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The days of needing to use a different type of tile for each room in the house, and how they will work together, and if you’re going ruin the entire aesthetic of your house, are about to be a thing of the past. We’re going to share 5 different styles that can be used and will look beautiful in every room in the house. These gres tiles authenticate the natural features of marble, wood, or concrete and at the same time offer the benefits of strong and hard-wearing surfaces which are fade resistant and colourfast due to their low porosity, easy to maintain, not requiring specialist treatment or sealing.

1. Marble-effect Tiles

Best floor tiles malta
Marble-effect tiles - a hallmark of elegance and beauty.

Marble is arguably one of the most popular tile styles, and it’s easy to see why. A hallmark of elegance and beauty, marble-effect tiles have withstood the test of time.

These natural materials have endowed the finest palaces throughout the centuries and your home could be next.

No matter if it’s for a bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, marble or marble-effect not only complement every type of room but, elevate the beauty within too.

2. Concrete-effect Tiles

best tiles for home from B&M Supplies
The latest modern trend for a clean and minimalist finish.

After decades of being hidden away behind wallpaper and paint, concrete has finally made its way into the light and it’s here to stay. Concrete-effect tiles, with their clean lines, are perfect for the modern minimalist, or the city slicker.

Simple, cool, and timeless. Ranging from light grey to grey-brown, and dark grey, concrete-effect materials provide a clean, modern aesthetic from which to stage any room.

3. Stone-effect Tiles

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The latest trend for a natural, outdoor feel.

Stone-effect tiles are one of the latest trends when it comes to home interiors. This trendy style is known for its impeccable durability and natural charm.

Our stone-effect collections are perfect for magnifying the grandeur of your home by highlighting the authenticity of stone and bringing an outdoor feel to any room – whether that room is a bathroom or an outdoor area, and anything in between.

4. Wood-effect Tiles

Create a warm and welcoming feel with wood-effect tiles.

Wood-effect tiles are a functional alternative to parquet flooring. These materials combine the beauty of wood with the durability of ceramic tiles.

These are perfect for anyone looking to add warmth to their home by bringing out natural colours and textures, a style as old as time itself. Talk about a timeless masterpiece.

Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, as well as outdoor areas, can all be done using wood-effect tiles, creating a warm, seamless, and inviting feel from indoor to out.

5. Contemporary Tiles

The epitome of creating a timeless interior is using neutral tones. A safe haven in the world of design, contemporary tiles complement any room in the house – from living rooms, to bathrooms, to kitchens, with the ever-evolving contemporary style you can do it all.

As an added bonus, these can also be used to create feature walls with intricate patterns to add a statement piece to any room.

Contemporary interior
Enable the creation of a timeless interior with contemporary tiles.

So, there it is, 5 beautiful and versatile tile styles to complement every room in the home. Check out all our collections here or get in touch by sending an email to

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