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5 Extraordinary Facts That Make Grohe Superior

Grohe products from B&M Supplies

Since its inception in 1936, Grohe has been at the forefront of innovation on a global scale. With over 6,000 employees, the German brand has become a household name for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings worldwide. Grohe’s commitment to its 4 pillars; quality, technology, design, and sustainability, has contributed to the brand becoming a global market leader within the industry. 

1. Exciting Designs

Grohe bathroom solutions
Innovative and cutting-edge designs.

From its earliest days, Grohe has always invested heavily in design to ensure it has the freshest portfolio in the global industry. The brand introduces numerous collections with designs that are exciting, sleek, innovative, and relevant. With such an abundance of effort put into the design process, the brand has received over 450 design and innovation awards throughout the years. A hallmark of Grohe’s design efforts was showcased in 2020, when the brand’s product, SmartControl kitchen, was honoured with the most design awards that year.  

2. Grohe's World-leading Technology

Cutting-edge, innovative, and superior technology is at the core of Grohe’s extraordinary designs and award-winning fittings. Dubbed as the industry’s ‘Masters of Technology’ by their peers, Grohe’s people have developed ground-breaking products through their cutting-edge approach and advanced craftsmanship. The result of such extraordinary efforts are timeless designs and life-long quality.  

Some examples of such revolutionary technologies are: 

  • Grohe Silkmove® – provides the ultimate temperature control and precision. 
  • Grohe EcoJoy™ – enables you to reduce water consumption by up to 50%. 
  • Grohe Starlight® – offers luxurious finishes that are made to last. 
  • Grohe TurboStat® – Instantly delivers the desired shower temperature and enables you to change the temperature in less than 0.3 seconds. 
  • Grohe CoolTouch® – thermostats remain cool on the touch, even with piping hot water temperatures.  
Dubbed as the 'Masters of technology' through to the use of superior technology.

3. Commitment to Sustainability

Grohe malta
Fighting climate change with CO2 and water-saving products.

At Grohe, every drop of water is handled with care. With a rise in the world population, urbanization, water consumption, and climate change remain a global challenge.  Grohe are ready to face that challenge full-on with their ultra-intelligent products and technologies.

A notable achievements is when the brand won the German government’s CSR prize, the first in the industry to do so. Another is being featured in the renowned Fortune® magazine’s ranking of Top 50 brands that are “Changing the World”. Such phenomenal achievements are a direct result of a portfolio filled with water and CO2-saving products.   

4. Consumer-centric Practices

Grohe kitchen mixers malta
Committed to creating consumer-centric products.

Since its earliest days, the brand has kept consumer needs and satisfaction at the core of every process. This resulted in the brand introducing a multitude of visionary, top-quality, and innovative products to the global market, cementing itself as one of the best brands worldwide.

One of the latest consumer-centric inventions is the ‘Grohe X’. This is a digital platform made for consumers to experience product news and brand insights first-hand. Powered by inspirational and informative multimedia content, tailored to cater to the needs of the brand’s consumers and professional business partners, visitors to the hub can create their own individual brand experience.  

5. Grohe's Impeccable Quality

Premium quality products.

At Grohe, every product comes with a seal of unmatched and exceptional quality. At, Grohe, products are shown no mercy. All Grohe products’ components, ease of operation, and perfect looks must withstand and pass the toughest endurance tests in the industry before any product leaves the premises.   

Believe it or not, these facts are only the tip of the iceberg. Discover more about Grohe’s range of products here or send us an email on 

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