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5 beautiful tile styles you need to know about

Wood Effect tiles from Malta's Largest showroom

The technology behind tile manufacturing has made great leaps forward. Today, we have an immense selection of porcelain flooring solutions which merge the raw and natural elegance of other materials to the strength and practicality of porcelain tiles. 

As the largest showroom for tiles in Malta, we offer a vast selection of different styles, guaranteed to suit different décor and functions. Let us help you find the best style for your dream home. 


Iconic Marbling tiles
With a low porosity rate of just 0.05% it is essentially water-proof and safe from staining.

Marble has been a hallmark of elegance for centuries. It has graciously endowed the world’s finest palaces and temples with its beauty. 

Marble-Effect Tiles are the perfect way to integrate the natural beauty of marble in a household. It’s versatile charm combines well with any room. Porcelain tiles are much lighter than natural marble which means they can be installed virtually anywhere easily in a safe manner. They also have a super-low porosity rate in comparison to natural marble floors which are highly-prone to staining. 


Imola Ceramica Contermporary Tiles from B&M Supplies Malta
The neutral tones offer your room a seamless finish.

The neutral and calm tones of Contemporary-Effect Tiles usher in a clean and minimalist design for a modern household. 

Contemporary Tiles are a favourite with those who want to make their space feel more open and spacious with a smooth finish.


Concrete Tiles available in Malta
Our Azuma Collection of Cement Tiles complements any modern household.

Cement has been hidden away behind paint and wallpaper for many years. However, we are now starting to appreciate the raw beauty of this man-made material when included as an integral part of our home décor. 

The monochrome tones of our porcelain Concrete-Effect Tiles promise to suit you as the ingenious eye-catching back drop for your home’s entire design.


Functional Alternative to Parquet Flooring
Wood-Effect tiles will transform your room into a heartwarming and welcoming space.

Nothing makes a room more comfortable and welcoming than Wood-Effect Tiles

Certain people tend to shy away from wood flooring solutions out of fear of its delicate up-keep. However, thanks to wood effect porcelain tiles, we now have a solution which is much more durable than timber itself. Porcelain floors do not need any special treatments over time. Porcelain tiles are also essentially water-proof which means that unlike natural wood and will retain its beauty for a many more years.


warm stone floors malta
Explore over 18 collections of Stone Tiles, bringing out its warm natural beauty.

Stone is fast becoming one of the trendiest materials to grace our interior and exterior design. Natural stone is so stylish that it can stand alone as an artistic feature to any room. 

Just like natural stone, Stone-Effect Tiles are impressively strong and durable. However, they offer a more cost-effective option to natural stone and are much simpler to clean and ensure they maintain their sharp vibrancy. The light weight of porcelain tiles also makes stone effect tiles a charming choice for wall tiles. 

How will I know which tiles will suit me best?

Try out our suppliers’ virtual experience, crafted to help you plan out your dream tiles:

Simply upload a photo of your room, or use one of the ready-made template. You can then customise all tiles according to your preference, giving you a real feel on what your dream interior will really look like.

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