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13 Stunning Bathroom Ideas For Effortless Luxury

Gorgeous tiles, unique tubs, luxury sinks and much more! At B&M, we offer a vast range of bathroom items so that you may easily create the bathroom atmosphere of your dreams. After all, everyone deserves a relaxing space to step into, where you may wash away the day’s worries and indulge in some much-needed pampering.

To help you create this soothing space in your home, we’ve curated a list of bathroom ideas to suit different tastes and needs. So read on for our pro tips and simply head to our showroom to make your bathroom dreams a reality.

1. Incorporate an eye-catching mirror

A beautifully crafted mirror is central to any bathroom. When a small or medium-sized bathroom is fitted with a striking mirror, it beautifully opens up the space to make it look more bright and more spacious. Pick a high-quality mirror with built-in LED lights or a large wall-to-wall mirror to create the illusion of extra room.

2. Take a minimalist approach

For a truly contemporary look, adopt a minimalistic style to your bathroom decor. Neutral coloured plain tiles and free from unnecessary furniture, a minimalist design achieves a look of modern elegance that is sleek and timeless.

3. Explore using fun wall tiles

Instead of plain wall tiles, go for a bold and artistic look! With the right wall tiles you can put together a striking feature wall that adds a touch of breathtaking innovation to your overall bathroom design.

4. Go For a home spa atmosphere

Put together a spa-inspired bathroom with wooden tiles, neutral colours and a minimalistic design. With just a few simple touches, it’s incredibly easy to create this home spa bathroom and you’ll simply love walking into this calming oasis.

5. Mix and match your tiles

Match playful designs with sleek tiles in neutral shades or bright monochrome. You’ll enjoy putting together a look that is truly unique, and the result is guaranteed to ooze with individuality and personality.

6. Add seating

From a plush bench to a sturdy stool, adding seating can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Not only does it elevate the decor but it is also convenient for moments when you’re treating your skin to a healthy dose of lotion or giving yourself an indulgent pedicure.

7. Get a free-standing tub

A beautiful free-standing tub can be a veritable show-stopper. Place it in a prominent space and let its majestic presence elevate your bathroom by its mere presence.

8. Pay attention to the details

Make sure your bathroom is equipped with all bathroom essentials. Pick a bathroom tap that complements the rest of the decor and of course, no bathroom is complete without a rack to hold your plush towels or a soap dish for your luxury soaps.

9. Add a statement piece

Regardless of your interior design approach – whether it is minimalistic, modern or vividly colourful – you should always have at least one striking feature! Why not consider a beautiful Swarovski sink by Bathco for the perfect statement piece. Gorgeous, luxurious and functional, this simple addition will infuse your space with understated sophistication.

10. Include a shower niche

A practical feature that looks great! A shower niche removes the need for bulky organisers. Without taking up much-needed space, this little nook provides you with a convenient space to keep all of your shower accessories in one place.

11. Fill the space

Go big or go home! Don’t shy away from filling up a small bathroom with multiple storage units, contrasting tiles and a few edgy items of your choice. With just the right amount of fun elements, you can make a tiny space feel more expansive and organised!

12. Add wood accents

Wood accents can add warmth to your bathroom decor. Wood-look tiles, a wooden shelf or accessories made of wood can easily provide your bathroom with a cosy atmosphere that is both soothing and aesthetically pleasing.

13. Include a sauna

If space is no object, add a sauna to your bathroom. Saunas help to relieve muscle tension and provide the ideal space to mentally unwind after a long day at work. You’ll love stepping into this soothing sanctuary of well-being and treating yourself to some much needed pampering. 

We’re excited to have you visit us at the store where you can check out our bathroom collections and create the bathroom of your dreams. Contact us for more information.

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